Garden Critters are No Laughing Matter!
HOW TO KEEP PESTS OUT OF YOUR GARDEN without hurting them :)
I recently have been plagued with mysterious garden critters! All of my Asian Greens have been eaten to the stalks and my beloved November strawberries were totally annihilated. But I found some cruelty-free/organic ways to keep out bugs, birds, and critters of the urban garden.
Cayenne Pepper - This worked great for me. Turned off by the spicy flavor, sprinkling cayenne pepper on your plants and soil keeps bugs and other animals from eating it.
Mirrors/Shiny things - Birds are cautious of getting close to shiny things because they mistake it for fire. Throw some pin wheels or old CDs in your garden for style and protection.
Dog hair - Little critters don’t want to mess with big ol’ a dog, they’d much rather steal trash from the dumpster than risk a close encounter with a K9. If you have a big garden just let your pup run around out there. If you have a small garden like me, next time you brush your dog’s hair, sprinkle some of it on the edges of your garden.
Plant Anti-bug plants - For example, Marigold and basil are great pest deterrents because bugs don’t like the smell.
Coffee Grinds - Like me, some pests bug out when they have too much caffeine, sprinkle caffeinated coffee grinds around to protect plants and is also good adding minerals back to your soil!

Good thing Stella likes to garden!
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